Making Your Final Arrangements With The Funeral Home On Your Terms

It is pretty normal to think only of the funeral home as a place to visit after the loss of a loved one but what if you could plan for your services before you pass? At most funeral homes, you can plan your service or make the arrangements for your passing before they are needed. Pre Planning will take a lot of stress off of the family or executor and allows you to have the service you would like.

Arranging The Service

If you want something other than a traditional funeral service, taking the time to chat with the funeral home about what you would like is very helpful. Most funeral homes will even work with to plan all the details of their service. Best of all, they will work with you to plan a nontraditional service as well. You can pay for the services and have it ready when you are.

Burial Location

If you would like, you can buy a plot for your burial in the local cemetery as well. Have you ever considered a family plot? You can buy a plot that will allow you to bury yourself, spouse, and other family members so that when the time comes, there is nothing to arrange. The burial location will be already set and the stone will only need to have the dates added to it. This is not always arranged through the funeral home but there are some that can make these arrangements for you.

Non-traditional Memorial Services

If you would rather people not have to attend a sad and mournful memorial service, you can make the arrangements ahead of time for a non-traditional service. Maybe you want to have a celebration of life service where people dance and celebrate you and your life as it was not as it is now. Other people may not want to plan a service like this out of respect to you but if this is what you want then make the arrangements ahead of time and let the funeral home help you make it a reality.

Final Expenses

The cost of a funeral and memorial service can be very high and if you are not sure your life insurance will be enough to cover the costs, you can make arrangements with many funeral homes to pay these expenses ahead of time so that no one in the family needs to be concerned about them but if you do, make sure you pass that information to whoever will be making the calls and arrangements for your service.

Contact a company like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc for more information and assistance. 

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