Temporary Guardianship — An Abortion Alternative To Consider

If you've found out that you're pregnant and you don't envision yourself raising the baby, you may be thinking about a number of options. Giving the baby up for adoption is one option that may appeal to you, but you may also be thinking about having an abortion. It's important to know that these aren't your only two choices. Another route that you can potentially take is to have the baby and assign a temporary guardian. This means that someone — a parent or a sibling, for example — will care for the child for a prearranged amount of time before you can become the legal guardian. Here are some benefits of temporary guardianship.

You Can Still See The Child

Even if you're having trouble picturing yourself as a mother, you might not like the idea of abortion because you'd never see the child again. A big benefit of arranging a temporary guardianship is that you can continue to see the child after they are born. If your parents have guardianship of the child, you might visit them one or more times a week to create a bond with the infant. Even as you rectify any issues that are present in your life — addiction, for example — you can take joy in seeing the child.

You Won't Suffer Side Effects

There are several side effects that can occur after a woman has an abortion. For example, even if this decision felt right at the time, you might grow to significantly regret it in the weeks after the procedure. This could cause you to experience feelings of depression. If you're dealing with various issues in your life, your regret and depression can create complications. For example, an addiction issue could worsen because of how upset you feel. When you opt for temporary guardianship, you won't have to contend with the emotional side effects that can come after an abortion.

You Can Eventually Be A Guardian

Many women have abortions and then get their lives straightened out, but getting pregnant again could be a challenge for numerous reasons. This could be upsetting because you'd be aware that you could have raised a child, but that you opted not to do so. With temporary guardianship, you have the benefit of being a guardian to your baby when you're ready. Whether you need just a few months or you perhaps need a year before you can take the child into your care, having this goal can be encouraging.

For more information, contact a service that provides resources on abortion alternatives.

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